Kundenstimmen Fliegenfischen

Testimonial Paul

Urs Zulian is a resourceful and attentive guide, good company and a wonderful coach!
My heart sank a bit as we approached Salzburg. The rivers that I saw from the train window all looked like cafe au lait. There had been three days of heavy rain and the rivers were in spate.

Despite this, the well informed and connected Urs Zulian managed to put me onto two days of wonderful trout fishing on rivers that were in good shape. He guided me on a lovely spring creek where I caught my largest rainbow trout on a dry fly. It was gorgeous, heavy and clearly a wild fish. The next day we went to a beautiful cold, clear mountain stream that was full of eager brown trout. They were among the most nicely marked browns that I have ever seen. Almost all were taken on dry flies and were exceptionally strong fighters. To catch such handsome fish in their native waters was a special thrill.

Herr Zulian reminded me of many things that I had forgotten about trout fishing from when I used to do a lot of it. He also taught me a few new tricks about presentation that I will never forget.
If you are going to be visiting the Salzburg area, contact Urs Zulian, pack your favorite five weight (or don’t, he has nice gear that you can borrow — good waders and boots too) and he will arrange for a spectacular day on the water.